Kenzie Park offers high quality horse training for your horse no matter where they are in their education.

All horses are trained in accordance with the German Training Scale with a major focus on a soft, happy, responsive horse who is a pleasure to ride.

From halter training of young performance horses through to FEI we can cater for the needs of most performance horses.  We offer jumping training as well and ride out on grass often so horses have a well rounded education.

Services Include

  • General training
  • Show preparation
  • Sale preparation
  • Competition
  • Bringing horses back into work after spelling / or injury (under vet guidance)

Breaking in of unhandled stock however is best handled by those who specialise in this space.  We have a number of very good horseman locally who can provide this service prior to the horse coming to Kenzie Park to further its education.

We are a performance horse training centre and can offer training beyond the breaking in or introduction to the saddle work and we are best at educating horses for their saddle career.

Pony Dressage

Stephanie’s small stature means she is ideal to compete / train your pony.

fran DF 16

Jumping / Eventing

We are available to train jumping / eventing horses, including improving eventing dressage.


Cross Training

All horses are given an all round education including often being ridden out of the arena.